We produce and mount all our products in our own factory in Marstrand, Sweden. That gives us full control of the process – from the design phase through to the selection of materials and production methods.  That is why most of our products last for decades. But off course, it all depends on how they are used, fitted and maintained. If you experience any kind of problem or need advice on how to maintain your Rutgerson gear, please contact your Rutgerson dealer where you bought the product.

Spare parts

Rutgerson offer a wide range of spares, to allow our equipment to last longer. You can order the parts from your dealer or directly via our webshop, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you don’t find what you are looking for. We have saved quite some parts for equipment we stopped producing long time ago. You might be lucky.


Rutgerson issue a general warranty time, durable for three years against malfunction or breakage from the date of delivery, on all our products.  For more information about how to claim warranty and return a product for service or replacement, please read our General Warranty Terms (pdf).


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