The Rutgerson Story

Göran Rutgerson grew up racing in the sailing metropolis of Marstrand on the Swedish west coast. It was here he made made his first sail fittings in his father’s garage already as a teenager, and it was here he eventually founded his company Rutgerson Marin AB in 1976.

As a professional sailor and engineer, Göran saw that there was a great demand for more efficient and user-friendly sail fittings for sail makers and boat owners. He developed a number of products, such as the Super Ring, which he tested while racing. When these products were introduced to the market they revolutionized the way sails were made all over the world. Long time-demanding processes were replaced by more time-efficient ways to produce sails on a more industrial level.

Today, 40 years later, Rutgerson is one of the leading manufacturer within sail- and deck hardware, and continue to develop new innovative and user-friendly yacht equipment for boat owners, boat builders and sail makers around the world.  The company is now run by Görans daughter Charlotte Rutgerson, and all Rutgerson’s products are made in Marstrand as they always have.

Listen to podcast interview with Göran Rutgerson

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