Rutgerson Track System’s unique construction with roll link bearings has over and over been proven superior in durability and performance, compared to similar systems with ball bearings.

Roll Link

Ball Bearings

The rolls keep their shape and last longer as the pressure spreads over a large area.

Ball bearings deform into an egg shape during high pressure on the traveler car.

No need fo maintenance. The rolls have a stainless steel link that keeps them apart and holds them together.


Ball bearings often get clogged up or jammed, and easily fall out during cleaning and assembly.


The stronger the wind the better the roll links work due to its large contact area. In light winds the ball bearings small contact area creates very little friction.


"Rutgerson slider is superior in horizontal sliding under heavy conditions. Once again it was shown that Roll-links are clearly superior to ball bearings”

Best in Test,
German Magazine Segeln

Take no risks!

All Rutgerson Mainsheet and Self Tacking Track Systems are equipped with Roll Link Bearings. Our track systems are also very safe, as the travelers cannot be detached from the track by force or accident. Even if the product breaks under extreme conditions, the traveler will stay attached to the track preventing injuries to the crew and the equipment. This is why they are used by both the Swedish and the Norwegian Sea Rescue Society.

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